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Who We Are

Local, Fresh and for Everyone

Palmys is a friendly place to experience the vibe of Pacific Beach and enjoy fresh and local ingredients with a splash of Australian personality. We are a group of mates who came together to refresh this beautiful craftsman bungalow, which has been an institution to the PB community throughout its many iterations. We enhanced the building and garden’s natural beauty by highlighting its existing hard wood floors and historical structure and adding great coffee and food.

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    Delicious, Healthy

    and affordable foods
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    Brunch Favorites

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    All-day Espresso Bar

    market and garden
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About us

unassuming, carefree fun

The beach inspires us and represents the most amazing access point to connect with nature and having fun. The type of unassuming, carefree fun you had at the beach as a child. We guide the development of Palmys with that in mind to create an accepting, accessible, fun and functional experience where everyone feels at home and can afford to come several times a week.

We've grown up in fun, healthy, active lifestyles of coastal areas and want to offer our customers access to delicious, healthy and affordable foods that support active lifestyles, good health and happiness. Palmys is an all-day neighborhood cafe, espresso bar, market and garden. Our espresso bar and healthy breakfast are complemented by brunch favorites so weekday or weekend, we'll hit the spot. Lunch and dinner will enjoy the same indoor/outdoor dining options. Perfect for a weekend hang with mates or a team building lunch during the week. Not to mention a relaxing retreat from the daily grind during lunch hours. The market is a showcase of our friends and members of the local community. Come by anytime, you'll feel right at home.



976 Felspar Street
San Diego, CA


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Sun, Fri, Sat
7:00 AM - 3:00 PM